Here are some helpful links with more information on part songs and individual composers.  Do you know of some great online resources?  Please contact us here to share so we can add to this list.


Related Online Resources

Online IPA Keyboard:

Texts and Translations of many part-songs:


Johannes Brahms

Listening guide to the works of Johannes Brahms:


Hector Berlioz


Purchase 14 Choral Works with Keyboard:


Antonin Dvorak


Audio Links and scores to Songs of Nature:


English Part-Songs

Purchase selections from the Novello Part-Song book:


Gabriel Faure

Discussion and recording of Madrigal:

Recording of Le Ruisseau:


Joseph Haydn

Overview of Part-Songs:

Piano Accompaniment to Der Greis (a bit slow):

Piano Accompaniment to Die Warnung:

Piano Accompaniment to An den Vetter:

Piano Accompaniment to An die Frauen:


Robert Schumann

Document discussing 26 part-songs for men’s chorus:!etd.send_file?accession=osu1275078671&disposition=inline

List of all Schumann’s partsongs, vocal chamber music, and duets: