This week my choir will perform at National ACDA.  I am a whirlwind of emotion.  Truly excited, honored, nervous, hopeful, trusting (in my singers), proud, pressurized, caffeinated… and stressed to the point that I feel like I am walking around with one of those lead vests you wear at the dentist to get your X-rays.

I am feeling nostalgic about my senior year of high school when I sang at ACDA, and soaking in the joy of being able to make this incredible experience possible for some of my own students now.

Above all, I am looking forward to the experience of making music on that big stage with 50 wonderful students that I adore, and one brilliant colleague that I respect so much.  My ultimate hope is for my students to feel the unmatched sense of accomplishment one can only experience after working really, really hard for something; AND to know what a unifying experience is like, where every ounce of their being is in sync and focused, flowing, and firing on all cylinders, multiplied with emotion, pouring themselves out for their audience.

It is time to take off the lead vest, breathe deep, and enjoy this.  Dallas, here we come!

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